Partnerships & Supply Chain


A future-oriented production and organization can only function if working materials and operative suppliers relate to such standards. In order to maintain our current philosophy of constant development we always seek new suppliers that help to contribute to our philosophy, not only for our individual but even more to their own business profit. We consider our suppliers as strategic partners to build and preserve a constant advancement.

Over the past years we have developed a large variety of strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers. We strongly believe that the collaboration of strong individual companies that are market leaders in their respective fields yields a more positive result for all participants if the processes are linked and adjusted to each other. The ongoing challenge in the processing of new materials and the integration of new production steps lead to the fact that we are constantly searching for strategic partnerships to build a prosperous cooperation for the benefit of both partners and the final customer.

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Walloschke strives to achieve a cooperation and collaboration with suppliers and customers that is based on common sustainable values that share common ethical standards. Therefore we obligate ourselves to always act according to generals rules of conduct and ethical standards.  In order to maintain these standards we obligate our suppliers to also mainatain the same level of conduct.

Please find here the supplier guidelines (German):  Link to Document