• Optimization

    At Walloschke Surface Engineering we conceptualize, plan and service the most diverse projects for surface optimization. As a contract manufacturer and systems supplier we serve our customers throughout the most diverse industries.


  • Automatization

    The unique feature to our approach is the concentration and utilization of a flexible automation within all of our processes independent of raw materials

  • Competence

    Our core competency of developing unique results in surface optimization is based on the interaction of constant innovation and the strive for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, a process that our industry partners commonly describe as "Walloscination."

  • Synergy

    We constantly endeavor to build partnerships and synergies that complement our approach to generate additional value for the final customer. Such synergies are constantly verified and enhanced by strategic quality assurance measures, another important aspect in the process of “Walloscination.”

  • Aesthetics

    The convergence of highest qualitative standards and maximized output for our business partners does not contradict but instead complement each other and lead to a constant increase in efficiency, effectiveness and technological advancement.

  • Individuality

    Constant internal and external communication creates transparency and a frictionless flow in the individual segments within the technological value added and allow us to concentrate on the essentials of any given project.

  • Diversity

    Our practical experience in processing a large variety of products and raw materials allows us to perpetually develop new techniques and approaches that go far beyond standard procedure to the benefit of all business partners.

  • Expertise

    The encouragement of any of our team members is deeply rooted in our company´s philosophy. The strive for constant innovation and improvement is based on the development of each of our employees that are empowering our company.


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