Career & Development


For the overall company success and to serve our customers and business partners in the most results-oriented way possible, every Walloschke team member lives and creates an ambiance at the workplace that is best characterized by permanent interdepartmental dialogue, commitment and cooperation. It is our customers´ long lasting success that motivates us; therefore we always prefer long-lasting business relationships with our customers and partners where we can permanently improve the production chain.  In our daily operation we avoid a strong hierarchical way of thinking and prefer to concentrate on results rather than personal vanities. It is deeply embedded in our company culture that every team member is an internal customer to the company that lives the Walloschke brand and we therefore strongly encourage entrepreneurial thinking and independent initiatives in all of our departments.

The principle behind this is very simple. Anyone who is interested in the company’s future and develops ideas for the daily operation gets the chance to implement his or her ideas; anyone who believes to be qualified for new tasks and roles within the company gets the chance to prove him or herself. Continuing education and professional development of the entire team is the mainspring of  our future evolution and a cornerstone of our aim of working with the most up to date technological and environmental standards. Innovative ability, motivation and commitment are characteristics that our company requires. In all business areas our employees and team members act in an environment in which they contribute their ideas and proficiencies into their daily tasks.

If you can relate to the description above, you should not hesitate to apply either spontaneously or directly to one of the openings that are listed in the "Karriere" section on the German part of our website. Please send your application for any career opportunity or vocational training by E-Mail to the address